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What Can Your Data Reveal to You?

Numbers don't lie. Your data is your single source of truth.
Don't make risky guesses trying to figure out your next move. We'll help you understand your data so you can focus on growing your business faster. 

Growth Rate

Discover the peaks and valleys of how your visitors turn to customers and at what stages are there growth spurts vs groth stunts. We help increase your growth rate from visitors, to leads, to quality customers that close. 

User Engagement

We'll increase your user engagement by constantly testing what content your users are actually interacting with. We track email opens, page scrolling, mouse clicks, and other telling insights that tell us exact what users are interested in.

Client Retention

Yes, the first step is increasing traffic, but our end-goal is to create Quality clients that are loyal to you and your brand. We help keep your client's retention even after they close in hopes that they'll become promoters for your product or service.

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Who are we?

Xopher Deep a.k.a. Midnight Nerd

Founder & Consultant

I've spent the last 10 years working with Business Owners helping them restructure, build, and scale their businesses online based on the lessons I've learned over the last 17 years running my own web agency.

Xopher Deep

Ashley Nicole

Founder & Consultant

I partnered with "Christopher" in 2016 and to help manage his web agency Midnight Nerd. I saw what his clients loved about his products & services and decided we should create a consulting firm to streamline them. 

Ashley Nicole

Christopher did a Great job!! Thank you for taking the initiative and giving our site the facelift it needed. We love it!